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GreatMuOnline posted on December 13, 2018 at 21:24

As you know in previous editions crywolf event was not often visited by players.
This is the reason for changing drop. Crywolf event is everyday at 19:00 CET there is available to kill 12 dark elfs and 1 balgass.

  1. Dark Elf(12) drop:
    One item with 1-2 excelent option. JoL option (+4 - +12). Luck - 50%
    • Sets:
       Black Dragon - Dark Phoenix - Great Dragon
       Eclipse - Grand Soul - Dark Soul
       Divine - Iris Red - Spirit
       Storm Crow - Thunder Hawk - Hurricane
       Dark Steel - Dark Master
       Ancient - Demonic
       Piercing Groove
    • Weapons:
       Dragon Shield - Knight Blade - Daybreak - Dark Breaker - Dragon Spear - Divine Sword of Archangel
       Staff of Kundun - Divine Staff of Archangel
       Crossbow of Archangel - Great Reign Crossbow
       Dark Reign - Blade Rune Blade
       Great Lord Scepter
       Divine Stick of the Archangel - Demonic Stick - Book of Lagle
       Piercing Blade Glove

  2. Balgass(1) drop:
    One item(380level) with 2-4 excelent option. JoL option (+8 - +16). Luck - 75%
    • Sets:
       Dragon Knight
       Venom Mist
       Sylphid Ray
       Storm Blitz
       Phoenix Soul
    • Weapons:
       Bone Blade
       Grand Viper Staff
       Sylph Wind Bow
       Explosion Blade
       Soleil Sceptor
       Storm Blitz Stick
       Phoenix Soul Star
    • Additional:
       Gold Key


GreatMuOnline posted on December 9, 2018 at 20:33

The current edition is coming to an end thank you for having fun together. :-)
We announce the start of the 11th edition of GreatMuOnline on
December 21 2018 at 19:00.
The 11th Edition will not bring big changes to the gameplay the experience multiplier is not changed but points for the grandreset are reduced to 10000

Upcoming changes in the 11th edition:

  1. 10000  for each grand reset (previously 20000 )
  2. Chance to get Jewel of Excellent / Level from Blood Castle reduced to 5%
  3. Changing the awards at CryWolf event
  4. New resurrection stones available from events
  5. Radio in the game
  6. The time of events available in the game
  7. Lottery for online players
  8. New quiz event
  9. Fixed Erohim

GreatMuOnline posted on December 2, 2018 at 09:40

We've been working on an update that will see the light of day today!
The main goal of the update is to vary the game.

The update contains:


  1. Added radio in game (Allows you to play any radio - default is RMF MAXXX)
  2. Added event timer in game (Display list of available events)

  3. Added resurrection stones (Resurrects a monster that can be killed only available from invasion and events)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Budge Dragon)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Titan)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Goblin)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Dragon)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Lizard King)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Tantalos)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Dark Knight)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Devil)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Golem
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Alpha Crust)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Satyros)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Twin Tail)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Iron Knight)
    • Resurrection Stone (Golden Napin)
    • Resurrection Stone (Great Golden Dragon)
    • Resurrection Stone (Epic Dragon)
    • Resurrection Stone (Ice Golem)
    • Resurrection Stone (Kundun)
    • Resurrection Stone (Erohim)

  4. Added new boxes (Will replace the rewards in some events)
    • Box of Award (Drops one custom jewels like exelence level. This box will replace custom jewels as rewards in events)
    • Box of Antique (Drop one ancien item)
    • Epic Box (Will drop from epic monsters like Epic Dragon)
    • Great Box (Chest available in occasional events.)

The client will update automatically through the launcher.

GreatMuOnline posted on December 1, 2018 at 09:12

Thank you all for participating in this crazy race. In the 10th edition you have totally reset 4900 your characters!
Congratulations for TOP3 for perseverance and determination :-)

  1. blooH (1133 resets)
  2. KingPin (1000 resets)
  3. Patris (785 resets)
    Pazz (785 resets)

In order to collect the cup please contact us at the game / forum / fanpage.
Announcement of the ranking does not mean the end of the edition!
In fact the coming days will be decisive taking advantage of the opportunity to ask you to participate in the discussion on the latest edition as well as suggestions and opinions from the players.

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