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GreatMuOnline posted on May 21, 2019 at 20:23

The upcoming twelfth edition will bring a lot of changes and new things.
The main one will be the dynamic reset limit per day.
What does it mean? The limit will increase by 10 each day.
Thus in the start day you can do 10 resets the next day also 10 and so on each day the advantage of this system is that the player who will start later still has a chance to catch up with other players.
Of course this is not the end of the changes due to the limit we are obliged to provide you with more attractions therefore the frequency of events and invasions will be raised and new invasions will also appear.
And of course you will not miss something for "lazy" players we give you Offline Mu Helper.
Another change is refreshing the goblin mix the last editions were used goblin mix for the wings therefore the chance of success in goblin mix to the level of + 10 / + 11 / + 12 / + 13 / + 14 / + 15 is increased.

Chaos mix success rate increase:

  • +10 90% (before 60%)
  • +11 85% (before 60%)
  • +12 80% (before 50%)
  • +13 75% (before 50%)
  • +14 70% (before 40%)
  • +15 65% (before 40%)

In the following days information about changes in events and invasions. Follow us!


GreatMuOnline posted on May 17, 2019 at 21:09

Preparations for the twelfth edition began!
12th Edition GreatMuOnline open: 25.05.2019 at 18:00

Below is a list of changes:


  1. Reconstruction of (new) interfaces in the game.
  2. Client optimization (Requires checking by players)
  3. Added OFFLINE MU Helper.
  4. Extended quiz event questions
  5. Reset limiter
This is not all we have prepared for you! Follow us.
 The rewards for the previous edition have been distributed


GreatMuOnline posted on March 17, 2019 at 22:59



The 11th edition is slowly comming to the end thank you all for having fun together and we invite you to test before start with the next edition!
At the same time we're working on a low rate server which we've been informing you about a few weeks ago. More information in next news.

Below is the list of awarded players for achievements in this edition.
(Ranking of 16/03/2019 17:00)
  1. IglesiasF (965 resets)
  2. EasyDL (932 resets)
  3. blooH (900 resets)
  4. Bragga30 (736 resets)
  5. Tedas (721 resets)
  6. brodaty (622 resets)
  7. Dopamina (548 resets)
  8. Rakash (498 resets)
  9. Erem (459 resets)
  10. Bohater (433 resets)

List of awards for achievements in the ranking:
  1. GreatMuOnline cup Premium Account (30dni) 2000   
  2. GreatMuOnline cup 1500   
  3. GreatMuOnline cup 1000  
  4. 900  
  5. 800  
  6. 700  
  7. 600  
  8. 500  
  9. 400  
  10. 300  
The server will be online all the time we invite everyone to help in tests.

GreatMuOnline posted on January 24, 2019 at 21:47

Auction event #4

Auction event will take place on 02.02.2019 at 18:15 the currency will be silver coin available in drop from now.
Auction date: 02 February at 18:15 (Saturday)
Auction location: Devias church (command /event)
Auction currency: Silver Coin
Total Auctions: ? ;-)

As always one character can bid alone (Can't bid together with other players). Who bluffs will bear the punishment.

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Server: Online Online list
Werth 926
Monster 829
IglesiasF 571
4 Black 344
5 Igii 314
Event time
Owner of the Castle: